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Our customers say it best! Read what they say about us:70-680
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  1. Jan says:

    I want to say a very big thank u to Agent 4 Joe.. very helpful and I woiuld def recommend this service to my friends and family too. Thanks again, Jan”

  2. Jerry G. says:

    Service was wonderful and our tech Dan was great.

  3. Cathy R. says:

    The remote support analyst who helped me (Dan – aka Support 3) did a simply outstanding job.He is to be commended.I will definitely use your service again in the future! Excellent job.

  4. jazeelin Sukrin says:

    Only hook up web cam so we can see if you are as beautiful as the fine work you do! Thank you very very much! sukrin jazeelin!

  5. Alexandria Jones says:

    The assistance and personal interaction from the representative was excellent. There is nothing that could have been done better. Thank you, Alexandria Jones

  6. Carl Roemmele says:

    Good Service by Herald. I was a bit concerned at first but am very satisfied with result.

  7. Nighisty B. says:

    This guy went above and beyond in helping me today. He never lost his cool, he’s absolutely amazing! I just want you to know that he’s worth every penny that I paid in this company. I will be telling the services that you are offering to my friends. Thank you so much!

  8. Rose Marie A. says:

    She is a very fine worker and knows a great deal and has the personality and the patience to help. Thank you very much for having people like Cynthia there.

  9. Teri B. says:

    He never wants me to feel stupid…”

  10. Anne H. says:

    The phone associate was reassuring, confident, spoke English and answered all my questions in a professional manner. Keep up the great service.

  11. Randall S. says:

    He’s very very knowledgeable , he helped me with all my problems and got me all settled in, I wanna make sure you note this in his file or give him a raise, the guy was excellent! Keep him, he’s a good guy. You guys have very nice employees ! they solve my problem very quick , they were very patient and respectful . Good people both Mike ( Umali ) and Jay .

  12. Deborah L. says:

    They fixed my problem. i am so happy. i like the way that they took control and fixed the problem. i am not good with the computer so it was a benefit to me that they took control. great job and i want everyone to have a very Merry Christmas.

  13. Rod C. says:

    WOW this was great. best thing i ever done!

  14. Keegan B. says:

    Joe(Joms) rock hardcore…excellent help

  15. Deborah F. says:

    Jay was WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!

  16. Joseph G. says:

    I was very satisfied and surprised at the level of tech support I received

  17. Marlene W. says:

    i amvery glad you have this service. it was very helpful.thank you

  18. Lorie K. says:

    I am very impressed. A kind, patient technician who resolved my problems quickly! Thank you!

  19. Mark R says:

    he was very helpful and very patient-thank you!!

  20. Perlene F. says:

    I am just grateful to be on board with this system of support and the people that I’ve dealt with have been so very nice and patient with this senior citizen that knows very little about the computer. Have a great Holiday Season!!

  21. Gene B. says:

    I’m so glad I signed on with your business, your level of customer support is totally outstanding; and I’ll recommend everyone I know to your website

  22. Harla cooper says:

    Jason was very patient and helpful, especially considering the extent of my issues. He was wonderful!!!

  23. Cynthia P. says:

    Love your software and the knowledge of your technical support! Happy New Year to All!

  24. Carolyn C. says:

    the issue was resolved directly. Thank you very much. Grace was very pleasant to talk with, and the technician at was efficient and effective.

  25. Ruth L. says:

    no matter how difficult the task, the tech persisted until it was completed. Thank you!

  26. Tom R says:

    you technical representatives were wonderful and I will recommend AVG. Thank you for your assistance.

  27. Kim W. says:

    your representative, Joe, was a real “life saver” for helping me with my problem…thx

  28. Geoffrey T. says:


  29. Dorothy F says:

    Dan was the greatest, he not only helped me with my existing problem,he also assisted me with downloading an anti virus so i would be protected.Dan was extremely helpful and he spoke in terms that i would understand!HE DESERVES A RAISE FOR HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME!!Also, Dan has great communication skills away his computer skills.Thanks Dan, for a great experience! Best Regards. Dotti. My email address is:

  30. Angela P says:

    Herald was great and beyond helpfully he was very kind, caring and also asked if I was ok and Cynthia came at the end she was nice too very pleased with the service

  31. Beth E. says:

    I really appreciate all the time the support representative spent with me. Thank you.

  32. Christine D. says:

    Israel was very friendly,professional and he corrected the problem I was having. Thanks Israel!

  33. Juli S. says:

    My son has a math project that has to have java to complete. . we would have been in trouble without your help. Lawrence was great!!

  34. Lawrence W. says:

    Your representatives were extremely patient and helpful – especially Mary. I enjoyed the on-screen real time session as I was able to view your level 2 tech do his/her magic. I also send cudos for your hold music – kind of a catchy little ditty. Sincerely Lawrence.

  35. Sheila R. says:

    Everything was great, support was very courteous and quickly resolved the issue. Thank you!

  36. Amanda L. says:

    Representative was very polite and helpful!

  37. Sarah S. says:

    Service was fast and affective Thank You

  38. Peggy H. says:

    Thank you I will recommend to friends and family!

  39. Matt B. says:

    They were soooo fast ! Just click click in a few minutes the AVG software was installed. Good job guys..

  40. Joanne W. says:

    This was a 2 part problem that took HOURS to fix. I felt that both technicians were extremely helpful and pleasant and I would highly recommend working with them again in the future. Thank you.

  41. Kevin M. says:

    Your service person was excellent. I am not technically savvy…he helped a great deal…thank you

  42. Frank K says:

    Great product and better is the customer support. THank you very much

  43. Steve Mareik says:

    You are the best ! Thanks 4 ur great services, Steve Mareik

  44. Earl Crick says:

    Everything was great, and I truly appreciate to get service you provided to me……Earl Crick

  45. Gregory A. says:

    Thank you to Dan! He is a wizard. Best customer service I have ever had!

  46. Michelle H. says:

    Very very impressed with you guys and girls…. awesome service.. Thank you all

  47. Casey says:

    Thank you for your professional services to get me reconnected again. Casey

  48. Melissa G. says:

    The last person really helped me. Thank you! He told me what I needed to hear on Wednesday and it’s Sunday. Finally resolved!

  49. Deborah Love says:

    They fixed my problem. i am so happy. i like the way that they took control and fixed the problem. i am not good with the computer so it was a benefit to me that they took control. great job.

  50. Butter, Keegan says:

    Joe rock hardcore…excellent help

  51. Walter C. says:

    Issue has been resolved for now and represenative was very helpfull

  52. Daniel S. says:

    i’m happy you’re here…. thks…

  53. Brian H. says:

    great way to do business

  54. Sally V. says:

    Your tech support is the best I’ve ever used! Keep up the good customer support. thank you

  55. Lyle says:

    After several attempts at using your phone number (1-888-527-9381) and getting unintelligible static, I’m trying this approach. I didn’t complete an application on 3/9-10 but did give you my card info. I wish to complete my application. Please contact me. I can give you my order number if requested.

  56. Sally V. says:

    Your tech support is the best I’ve ever used! Keep up the good customer support. thank you – Sally

  57. Devin says:

    Paul was excellent. He was very good and fixed all the problems. He is patient and good at what he does. I will certainly use the service again. Many thanks. Devin ;)

  58. Judy Ferris says:

    I want to compliment the on-line chat person, Alain. She was marvelous.

    I was having problems with a download. On the 1st. of April one of your other technicians tried to help me. The installation failed. I did not know it hadn’t worked properly until he had signed off. I’ve been very frustrated since then but decided to give it another try today.

    Alain not only took the time to diagnose the problem, she recommended a way to accomplish what I needed to do using a different program. I had been unable to e-mail my customers their invoices and she made sure that was working correctly. She was patient and very helpful. She also solved a problem I was having with Internet Explorer and I thought that was grand.

    Please put a note of excellent performance in Alain’s job folder.

    Thank you,

    Judy Ferris

  59. Robinson, Peter says:

    I would like to commend Christina for doing a great job. She did a fantastic job. I called in to cancel my account but what she did is she explained the importance of the service. She did great!

  60. richard c. kunker says:

    i just wanted to say thank you to online chat person christian for being so helpful with a problem that i had. you guys get two big thumbs up! thanks again.

  61. Rasika says:


  62. Sandra Livingston says:

    The tech, Armando Jay was exceptional. The phone rep. Shi was willing to tun me over to online as soon as it was clear we weren’t solving the problem. I am Very pleased.

  63. Janie Torgrimson says:

    The young man that helped me was wonderful. The problem was Security Master AV and really seemed to be hard to find and get rid of. But he just kept on until he got it. I know that is his job but it sure seemed like he went the extra mile for me. Thank you for having such competent help…

  64. Philip Krine says:

    Dexter was very helpful and patient. It took a while to reslove the issue in downloading the Openoffice. He deserves a raise!!!

  65. Debi Gotowka says:

    I was very pleased with the representative both chat and phone support. He then transferred me to Chester who assisted me by doing some diagnostics on my system. Both were very courteous and thorough.

  66. Jody Schmidt says:

    Your support people (Dexter) is awesome and this program is worth every penny I spent. Keep up the excellent work. I will be spreading the work about this program and how helpful it is. Thank you again.

  67. Georgia Wright says:

    Armando Jay was extremely patient, and very diligent in finding and rectifying my problem.

  68. Janis Love says:

    Dexter, solved in only a few minutes, what microft 7 experts have been working with me, in 3 days. Dexter is an ANGEL! Thanks!!!

  69. Clyde Seefeld says:

    Another learning experience that I am sharing with my friends, also recommending your service. Believe in word of mouth. Thanks

  70. Bill Was says:

    Both the rep that I spoke with on the phone and ‘Dexter’ who handled the remote session were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Excellent customer support; all companies should be this easy to deal with in terms of tech support!!

  71. Jerrold Restani says:

    “Dylan was very good and helped me out… Your worker there, Dylan, he said he canceled the charge and that I’m gonna get a refund for $29… Arnold and Dylan were both very good and I appreciate you helping me out. I put these charges thinking it’s for something else and I appreciate you people working with me. I appreciate your help regarding this matter.”

  72. Thomas, Liz says:

    “Thank you so much. You’ve been kind and you tell your supervisor that you’ve helped a person and really sweet and you deserve a raise”… “The young lady that I spoke to, I want you to know that she’s very, very helpful. I mean, she bent over backward to make sure that I was pleased and that all questions were answered and she was available to let me know that whatever areas that I needed help in or questions that I needed to be asked or answered, she was willing to do that and I’m telling you, she’s an asset to your company. You don’t see that very much anymore, you know. But you have a winner! So please keep her, okay?”

  73. Denise Rulli says:

    Thank you Armond Jay was Wonderful :)

  74. John Woolery says:

    no it was a great experience for an old timer like me. Thanks again

  75. Cory Potter says:

    i haven’t been able to play with my computer and make sure everything was resolved, but it looks good so far. and i did like that i could communicate with the tech the whole time

  76. Vanessa Jackson says:

    I was completely satisfied. Thanks

  77. thompson, saundra says:

    no i appreciate everyting you have done for me so far. i am learning to use the computor this is like speaking a new language. i am sure i will get the hang of it though!

  78. Alexander, Robert says:

    I had a nice time using, I think Armando Jack, He helped alkot and we hd fun talking to each other on the phone.:-)

  79. Alexander, Robert says:

    Alaina did just fine thank YOU.:-)

  80. Levinson, Lee says:

    Rodrigo is an excellent technician. He knows exactly what he’s doing, every step of the way. Thanks so much.

  81. heck, paula says:

    Thank you so much Rod was very helpful!

  82. wilkinson, mark says:

    the problem was much quicker to resolve because the assistant could see the problem.its so much harder to try and explain.thank you

  83. ocampo, genaro says:

    everything was very good thank you very much

  84. Wallace, Debbie says:

    Both Pam and Alan were very patient with me in this matter. Thank you!

  85. hogan, michael says:

    very good and fast service…..I’m impressed

  86. Levinson, Lee says:

    Dexter was great to work with. Thank you.

  87. michael parks says:

    i posted a comment last night expressing discust over the website truly felt i had been victimized, expesially after reading all the negative posts. i called them this morning and they took care of my issue, which had to do with downloading product. the girl who hooked me up with the tech was really nice and helpfull. they were interested in resolving my issue and i must give them credit for there effort it seemed sincere.

  88. VANBUREN, JANE says:

    Both agents that I worked with were extremely helpful and very professional. This was probably the most satisfied I’ve been with any technical support from any source. Keep up the good work!

  89. savini, joanne says:

    keep up the great wonderful service….thank you aland and dee…ref 775572 nd 775547 excellent customer service….have a great day!!

  90. Cole2C, Esther says:

    Dexter was very helpful as well as polite. I hope that whenever I call next I will get him.

  91. Manning, Linda says:

    No. Interesting to watch Armando Jay at work. Thank you…

  92. Levinson, Lee says:

    Dexter is the very best tech support person on your team.

  93. sugiyama, yoshiro says:

    Rod (Rodrigo) helped me. My computer had a virus problems. I had asked and relied on others, but could not completely solved the problem. But Rod completely solved the problems that I had. He was so patient and was so nice in telling me what to do. I was not familiar with the remote control repair. But Rod told me nicely what to do. All problems that I asked to fix were fixed today. Redirection, g-mail, Flash player installation blocking, Java installation blocking were gone. Most importantly, I can now use the application that I could not use almost one moth, today, thanks to Rod (Rodrigo) Thank you again. I am glad that I became the member of your program. Thank you again. I am satisfied 200%. Yoshiro. Thank you and thank you.

  94. koen, Russell says:

    Thanks for the professional help with resolving the issue. Rod did an excellent job REK (777858)

  95. mcguffey, martin says:

    Apppreciated the patience demonstrated by the support people. THey made sure the job was complete before leaving.

  96. mike parks says:

    i feel really good about the way my issue was resolved dexter is the man and the girl who worked the phone with me was incredibly patient and courteous. actual old world customer service i’m impressed

  97. barrientos, ralph says:

    keep up the good assistance

  98. Smith, Julie says:

    Lawrence was amazing, Thank-you

  99. Soper, Paul says:

    A good guy with a sence of humor

  100. Nunez, Ricardo says:

    No. Mr,Dexter help me bery good. he answer all my question.His extremly good.. he needs a raise. thanks.

  101. Castardi, Maryann says:

    No thank you, I appreciate all the help I got from your service. It helped me adjust to my new computer system, which I know little about. But, in time I will. Thanks again! Maryann Castardi

  102. Wood, Donald says:

    I couldn’t have received better service. Kim (I think that’s her name) was absolutely impressive with her patience and perserverance. I was having a little trouble hearing what she was telling me to do. She hung in there and got me through it. Dexter was wonderful too. I’m really impressed with the service I received.

  103. Levinson, Lee says:

    Jay, the Level 2 Technician was excellent. He was patient, understanding, and knew what he was doing every step of the way. It was a pleasure speaking to him. Thank you again.

  104. Goodbar, Jon says:

    Both Alain and Grace were awesome. I appreciated the help.

  105. Trueman, Derek says:

    Not at all, The help I was given was far beyond what I expected.

  106. Amber Ebly says:

    “I just want to let you know that Julie was very, very helpful. I think she has a very nice job. I was a little upset when I first called. And she just remained professional, and helpful, and nice. And I just wanted to let someone know.”

  107. Michael Carson says:

    Rod did an excellent job and I was very satisfied with the service that he provided to me.

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